Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review: Essence 50's GIRLS RELOADED limited edition

 Today I have another review for you guys. And it's limited edition 50's GIRLS RELOADED from Essence and you can read about entire collection right here. I only got these items, mainly because there was nothing else left (I really wanted the lighter shade of lipstick!)

 Let's start with nail polishes. This collection have five different shades of nail polishes and these three cought my eye.

First is 04 LOVE ME TENDER polish. I would say the color is quite unique, because it's not gold and not silver, but somwhere in between. Iove the formula and the brush. I applied two coats and it has shimmer finish.

Next one is 01 AHOY! It's plain white color, quite opaque, I applied two coats. This one has a cream finish. Love it!

This one is called 05 YOU'RE A HEARTBREAKER. It's very gorgeous shade of blue with light blue and silver shimmer in it. Also easy to use. I have to say that I love bottles of these, because they are totally different from and LE polishes before.

Next product I bought is translucent loose powder.
 It comes in cute packaging. It has a top cover and another one below, to protect from powder going on everywhere.
 It also comes with tiny applicator if you don't have a brush for it.
 It looks white, but it's translucent on your skin.
The last item I got is the brush. Is two sided brush for applying eyeshadows.  This is the bigger side and it for application of eyeshadow to the lid area...
... and the smaller side is for shading or blending of colors.
And what is your favorite product from this collection?


  1. Ravno pripravljam slike za objavo o tej kolekciji :)

  2. Fino :-) Komaj čakam, da vidim! Sva mentalno povezani, hihi....


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