Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Presenting NEW Bundle Monster #201

 First I started with Cult nails- MY KIND OF COLL AID. I love this color! It is grayish purple color with a hint of silver shine in it.
 Unfortunately I couldn't capture it in pictures, but in bottle is very visible. Like it a lot :-) And as you see I shortened my nails very very much and I'm morning :-( But oh well, they will grow soon...
 Because the new bundle monster kit includes 25 diferent image plates and I couldn't decide which one to use first, I came up with an idea to start with the fisrt one, and than work my way trought the last one. So, here is number 1 plate and I used all over nail design, this swirly type...
 For the design I used Sally Hansen's PURE CHROME. Some nails are not perfect, but for the first time they will do.
I discovered that the plastic scraper does not work well with this design, so I used metal scraper and the big side of the stamper. And this is the final look. I hope you like it and thank you for reading. Any one more good news- I'll be having a small giveaway soon, with some new products from ESSENCE "Nails in style" limited edition. Stay tuned!

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