Friday, June 17, 2011

Ombia nail polish remover pads

 I would like to present to you this new pads I discovered recently in Hofer. Sometimes I get some good make up and nail polishes there and this time I found this nail polish remover pads. they have vitamin E in them and they are oily, so useing this won't damage your cuticles.
 The box contains 60 pads and I think I used 5 of them to remove my polish off of ten fingers. Good deal :-) And they smell delicious too! When my nail dried, I didn't have any residue left and my cuticle was not all dry as when I use regular nail polish remover with a cotton ball.
So, check out this pads, I definitely recommend them!


  1. Muito bom esses lenços ... mas assim nesse potão muito mais legal!

    Beijos ...



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