Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Bundle Monster image plates

 Look what was in my mailbox today :-) HOOOORAAAYYY!!!! I ordered a couple of weeks back and they are here :-) I ordered 25 pieces collection for little over 20$. How cheap is that?!?
 Well, I believe you saw all the image plate seperately, so I won't be showing that, but this collection has a lot of all over nail designs, also some french tips designs and some little designs. I love all the images, I couldn't decide which plate is my favorite. Maybe when I'll try them out, I'll have a favorite :-)
 Before use don't forget to remove the plastic foil off of them, but this new plates have blue foil (the old ones had clear foil, that was not so very visible), so you can missed it :-)
 Image plates have 6 separate images on them and they are bigger than on the old plates. Edges of the plates are not sharp at all (on the old ones you could cut yourself!) and on the back it has firm logo.
 I hope they will work great :-) I'll let you know as soon as I try them. Any suggestions which one to try first? Pick a number from BM 201 to 225 :-)


  1. Great! I want, I want! I hope they do stamp as well too... some images from the first set do not stamp that much :(

  2. They look amazing!! I'm looking forward to seeing your designs!


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