Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bundle monster #202 Zipper design

 Today I was felling a bit funky, so something crazy on my nails :-) First of all, let me present to you this gorgeous color from Catrice- EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY! (Even the name of this one is funky :-) ). I bought this one in Muller in Koper, because Catrice is not available here where I live.
 I love this color, it's so fresh and unique. It's a mix between yellow and a hint of lime green, so you get kinda lemony color. I love the formula, it's not runny or bubbly and it has a cream finish.
 I applied two coats and some top coat over it. The brush is also amazing, it's flat on two sides, so you can achieve three strokes application.
 For the design I used no. 202 new Bundle monster image plate- zipper design. I told you it a funky manicure :-) I used Konad special polish in dark green and applied special top coat over it.
I like this manicure with this design, and you?


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