Thursday, June 23, 2011

My makeup collection

Hi again. Thank you for coming back :-)
I had to reorganise my makeup collection, because somethings I had in one box, somethings in another... And I don't like that. I saw this office drawers in Lidl and I bought it (it costed me 14€). I already have two for my nail polishes and other nail care items and I'm very satisfied with it. So, I decided to get another for my make up. 
 It has five drawers that are made from plastic. They are very simple with a little hole to open them.
 In my bottom drawer I have my liquid foundations and pencil sharpeners, eyelashes and some samples.
 In my next drawer I have all my eyeshadows. You can see I have a lot of them and you can find here Essence, Volare, Ingrid cosmetic, NYX, Manhatann etc...
 Here I have  blushes, bronzers, powder foundations and concealers. Oh, and some new mascaras.
 Here are all my pigments from MAC, Smash box, my gel eyeliners from Alvedre and Essence. Eye shadow bases and lipsticks...
 And in the top drawer I have my pencils and lipglosses. And here is also eyelash curler, twezeers and brow gel.

So, now I keep all my makeup in this cute little box that I have in my bathroom. Would you like to see?


  1. Wow, super predalnik, bom mogla it v Lidl pogledati, če ga še imajo. In super kolekcija! ;)

  2. Hitro šibej, ker so jih ravno danes dobili (saj veš, četrktkova akcija!)

  3. Definitivno moram it pogledat v Lidl! Bi mi prišel prav en tak predalnik ;)


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