Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another drag marbling design

 Because I'm on the sea, I was in the mood for something sea like :-) I used Essence Forget-me-not for my base color. It's from Essence blossoms etc. limited edition. Unfortunately I couldn't captured the light blue shine in it, but its very beautifull lilac color. I applied two coats of it. It has a cream finish and as I said, with a light blue shine in it.
 And for the design I used two S-he stylezone colors- 285 and 290. The inspiration for this design came from a fellow blogger Colette and one of her recent designs. She used different colors, and  I used different shades of blue, because the sea was my inspiration.
 This kind of manicure is very simple to do (I recommend to watch her video ). All you need is a dotting toll and a tooth pick or a wooden stick or something with a point.
 All you have to do is make shure your base color is still wet, than apply a couple of dots (I went for two shades) and do a swirly motion with a orange stick trought them.
Apply some top coat (I use Seche Vite) and you're done. Like it? I DO!!!!


  1. Great! Really like this desing :)

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  3. Wau, čudovito! In kire nohte imaš?? :o <3

  4. Wow! Ful hudo! :)
    Všeč mi je ;Đ


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