Thursday, May 5, 2011

Striped design feat. Essence TRYIN' TO BE COOL&COOL AND THE GANG

 Today I have a funky striped manicure for your feat. two new polishes from Essence. First is this gorgeous bright blue with a hint of green polish called TRYIN' TO BE COOL. Both of those two are from multi dimension XXXL shine line.
 This one has a cream finish, it's super easy to apply, fast drying... Well both are. And the second one is this indigo blue one COOL AND THE GANG.
 Well, but first I went over TRYIN' TO BE COOL with only flakies polish I have GLISTEN UP (we already all know, right :-) ? ) which is extra hard to capture flakes on the pictures. But anyways...

 Than I used scotch taped tehnique and applied COOL AND THE GANG, used scotch one more time and applied BLACK OUT from BLACK&WHITE collection, also from ESSENCE. 
 Cool looking right???


  1. omg Tryin' to be cool with the flakies looks so great!! i think im gonna try to do this with the scotch :)

  2. koook mas lepe nohtke :) pa res natančna manikura:) Kok časa si pa rabila za to? pa kako ti je ratal take ravne črte narest:) super siii:)


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