Friday, May 6, 2011

Huge DM haul!!!

 Today I recieved my first paycheck and I treated myself a bit :-) I went to my favorite drugstore DM and spent some money :-) Some of the items I needed because I run out of them and some just jumped in to my shopping card :-)
 First of all, when did s-he stylezone comlety re-do their items?!? Where were I? I was totally shocked when I saw all items in new packaging and in the middle was some items like limited edition? Let me know if you know something about this! Well, I grabed these five polishes from the limited edition (if that's what it is).
 First I went for the greens, because I'm big sucker for green polishes... I'm a bit sad that polishes still don't have any names, only numbers.. Well, from left they are 305, 310 and 315. They all look gorgeous. 305 is cream, light green color; 310 is also cream with a hint of darker shade green shine in it, lime green color and the 315 is darker green, shimmer finish.
 Well, this two also cought my eye, first is 290, dark blue shimmer finish and right one is 285 light blue cream finish. The brush looks promising, I like the packaging and you can expect some swatchs soon :-)
 Than I finally got this two new image plates from Essence- the one with zebra print and the one with bubbles. Can't wait to try them out!
 Well, this two products are my favorite moisturizers- one for my lips- BLISTEX lipbalm and the other DR. SHELLER handcream.
 This two are my favorite removers- nail polish remover from Essence (aceton free and smells delicious!) and makeup remover from L'OREAL (doesn't irritate my eyes!)
 Well, I didn't have any eyeshadow for filling in my eyebrows so I decided to give this one from Essence a go and we'll see how it turnes out!
 Here is something for my african soul, this bracelet I've been eying for a while and today they still had two and one jumped in to my cart :-)
 I needed new eyelash curler and I went with this one from Elite.
 And this manicure kit was only for my soul :-) I had 50% off coupon and I saw very interesting cuticle pusher in it and thought why not :-) If you want to do more detailed review on it, please leave a comment.
Well, just a bit of shopping :-)


  1. Hey I'm your new follower and I absolutley love your blog! Your pictures come out soo perfect too! Check mine out at if you get a chance! Nice haul!!


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