Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Products from ALL BEAUTY- ARDELL

 Ardell offers a wide variety of lash styles to fit a consumer’s mood, personality and lifestyle. They have become must-have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers. When women everywhere want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that’s alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to Ardell Eyelashes and enjoy the compliments.
 The company representative sent me some products for reviewing purposes. And I have to say BIG THANKS to her, and honestly I love all the products!
 Here are some different types of lashes she sent me. Which one you like the best?
 They also came with eyelash glue to put them over your lashes.
 This is the product I also love and adore. This is brow sculpting gel to set your brows, after you fill them in and trim them, to keep them in place all day.
 And she also sent me this amazing self- tanning mousse, that smells absolutley like chocolate. When I pumped out for couple of times, this amazing smell came out that just reminded me so much of cup of hot chocolate!

 Too bad I can't use this right now, because I'm no tan at the moment, but after tanning for a while, I will definitely use this to keep my tan for longer time.
Here is the link to this amazing store where you can find all the items! AIIBEAUTY

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