Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Essie Chocolate kisses

Well, today I was in the mood for some browns and this particular one I haven't try it out yet so here it is :-)
It's from Essie and as you know Essie has some really gorgeous colors and this one is one of them! I got this one within a swap with an amazing girl on MUA.
First picture is taken in the shade and it's really dark chocolate brown color but check out next picture taken in the direct sunlight!
Amazing right??? Two colors in one :-) I aplied two coats to acchieve this bold color. The formula is great, only downside to this polish is the brush. For me Essie brushes just don't work... They are to thin and small, so the application is a bit harder, but when you get used to the brushes, they are fine.
I really like this color and I definetly recommend it to try it out, if you are looking for some deep chocolate brown colors. I could snack my fingers off :-)


  1. Awesome fall/winter shade! love this :)

  2. i have Essie Bordeaux and it's 2 different shades in shade/light too. gotta love Essie!

  3. gorgeous colour and beautiful nails btw!


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