Monday, August 9, 2010

Funky french manicure

A few weeks ago I discovered this funky french tip stickers in small local shop. I bought a couple of them and totally forgot about them. Today I rediscovered them and decided to try them out. My first try didn't worked out as well as I hoped for, because I had nail polish already on. I was not paying atention to the instructions wich are saying to apply stickers to bare naked nails. So, after applying them to polished nails, the glue didn't stick to my nails and they were pealling off right away.
So, I removed all products off my nails, buffered them a little and try for the second time. I didn't put anything to my nails, not even a base coat. I helped with tweezers to pick them up from the sheet and place them carefully on my nails. The application took me some time, about half an hour for both my hands. I had to correct stickers only for my ring fingers, others were in perfect shape for my nails. Than I applied clear top coat. Because this wasn't looking good for me, I decided to go over with some pinkish glitter polish from Diamond cosmetics.
Instanly the manicure got totally diferent feel to it, not so artficial looking, but more natural. I like it better, do you?
So, I like this stickers, they are great for al of those who are not very nail art talented, this are an amazing solution to achieve funky looking french tip manicure. And they only costs 1€!!! How cool is that?


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