Saturday, August 7, 2010

OPI Lincoln park after dark

About this polish was a lot of hipe going on. So i was really wondering what was so great about it. And yes, after using it, I got it! The hipe I mean :-) I didn't regret getting this one! I swapped some Eclipse polishes for this one and it was totally worth it.
I absolutely adore the color. As you see it's on the darker side of colors, it's almost black, but it's not :-) It's really deep rich purple with hints of dark red also. Love it! It's very vampy looking and I think it would look great with some konad design on it! What do you think?
I also love the formula, it's a little bit thicker than some of the OPI polishes I have, but that works great for me. You have to be carefull with application, because it can get really messy if you don't take some time applying it. I aslo like the brush, it's flat on two sides, so it's perfect to achieve three strokes application. I definetly recommend it!


  1. I love this shade as well. However, my #1 complaint is that my polish got really thick and goopy fast...even after putting several drops of OPI's polish thinner in it. But, since it's so goopy now, it works really well with stamping/Konading! I love reading your blog by the way. :)

  2. Thank you for the sweetest comment!


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