Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sally Hansen Chrome nail makeup + Dice konadicure

I wanted to show this one to you a long time ago but never got to try it actually. But here it is! The most amazing silver nail polish ever! This truly looks like I have put my fingers in the liquid silver metal! Amazing! It's a little tricky to apply, because it's stricky, but I don't mind it at all!
I like the color, the formula of the polish (although it's stricky!) but only downside to it is the brush. It's so thin that is just crazy! I had to go over my nail 4 to 5 times to cover the whole nail, especially my tumb. HORROR! But I'll  manage it :-)
I definetly recommend this polish, just because of the color payoff! And it drys so quickly, I would say a couple of minutes, I didn't even put my Seche vite on!
I did some KONADicure on it and I thought hard which design to do. And I decided to try the "Dice" image, because I didn't try it yet. I like it, but it didn't print as nicely as I would like it to print. So probably today I'll take it off and try something else :-)


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