Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sally Hansen HD Pixel Pretty

This polish was on my WL for a couple of months and I finally got it! I heard a lot of good reviews about it, because of the high definition color. I don't get the hipe about it, because I don't see anything so special about the color as it has any other turquoise color. Don't get me wrong, I love it, just don't see anything so much more special about whole HD color!
The color trully is amazing, rich turquoise color, very appropriate for the summer. It reminds me on the sea, which you all know I love! I applied two coats of it and it's very opake color. I also love the formula, it's not watery or bubbly. Maybe it's a little bit on the striky side of polishes, but with a little practice, you can acchieve perfect application.
On the sun, polish sparkles with this beautifull light blue sparkles- amazing! Only downside of this polish I would say is the brush. But not the bristles ithemselves, but the handle well the stick of the handle is too long for my taste. The hair brush is ok, but long stick makes application little more harder.
I definetly recommend this one to try out and I hope I'll get some more Sally Hansen polishes!


  1. OMG, ta je čuuuuudovit! Komaj čakam, da dobim celo HD kolekcijo! <3<3<3 Lepe nohte maš. ;)

  2. Hvala ti! Če kakšnega ne boš rabila, ga z veseljem odkupim :-)


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