Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JOY nail polishes

Yesterday I discovered JOY nail polishes in Tuš drugstore. They are very cheap 0,89€ each and I thought, why not, let's try them out.
And I was plesently surprised. They are great quality! For the prize I expected watery, bubbly and sheer colors. But not at all! With two coats they are quite nice.
First one is lime green color and this one is the worst from all of them. I applied three coats to acchieve this color. But the brush is good qualitiy, the application is super easy, not striky and not bubbly.

The second one is lovely purple magenta color, also super easy to apply. I did two coats and look at the color- awsome!

Third one is bright red color, it's very vibrant, easy to apply and on the picture are two coats.

The next one is gentle rose- pinkish color with a slight sheen to it. Also very good quality- you see two coats. Super easy application with great brush.

The fifth one is amazing baby blue color and I haven't anything similar to this one yet. So, this one is deffinety a keeper! Two coats are enough and the brush acchieves perfect application.

With this one I'm very pleased, because it's bright, almoust neon yellow color. Also a keeper! I thouht this one would be the most watery and sheer, but not at all- two coats on the picture. Again, super easy to apply, no marks behind the brush.

The last one is this awsome pink color. I hate everythink pink, but this one cought my eye. Well, I'll put this one for swap, because I don't wear anything pink, but for the sake of this post, I must say that the color is adorable. No marks behind the brush and I applied only two coats.

I would deffinetly recommend this brand of polishes, especially because they are co cheap and you get good quality polishes!


  1. I actually like the pinky ones the best. Really nice colors.
    I'm not sure who has or hasn't entered BUT I'm having a brand new giveaway on my blog.

  2. wow, very cheap :D whts the internet site? can't find it :O

  3. i want to buy them too...please!!!...can you put a link? my country i cant find this on the drugstores


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