Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Comparison: Orly LEMONADE and Essence NAUGHTY BUT NICE

Here is the comparison between these two nail polishes. First is called LEMONADE and it's from ORLY.It's creme yellow color, very suitable for spring/ summer time! It's very bright yellow color, it will work great with greens, reds... I will try it out with stamping nail art and let you know how it works!

The second one is called NAUGHTY BUT NICE and it's from ESSENCE limited edition Cute as Hell. I would say they are almost the same, but I like quality of Orly one better. And LEMONADE is a slight more bright than Essence one. For the second one I would say it has more white color as a base ad the Orly one is more true yellow color. I like them bouth, but one of these two will go for swapping :-)

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