Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catrice Sold out for ever

Wich one would be better to be my first CATRICE nail polish than this one? I think no one :-) I feel in love with this one from the first swatch I saw from it. It's called SOLD OUT FOR EVER and yes it was solded to me right away.
As I said, this one is my first CATRICE polish and I like every espect of it. I love the formula of the polish, it's just the right cosistency for the perfect application. It doesn't bubble, it's not streaky or anything like this.
The color is very beautifull, very unique, just like FOR ADREY that is also very unique color, this one is too. It's not green, not blue, not even turqoise, I can't even desribe the color to you, so unique it is. In the sun you can see slight light green shine to it, amazing!
I love the brush, it's wide enough to achieve perfect three strokes application. I applied two coats and it's enough. The brush doesn't leave any marks behind.
I deffinetly recommend this one for all who like different, bold colors!


  1. wow *_*
    This color is amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, it's really unique and amazing. But pictures does not give it justice, in real is even more gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for following :)

    I have this polish as well, love it!!

  4. oiii, todo bem?
    adorei seu blog, lindo *-*
    já estou te seguindo, me seguie também >

    beijos ;*


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