Friday, June 11, 2010

Marihuana in rasta colors

For this design I used Orly LEMONADE as my base color (two coats) and Bundle Monster image plate #7 - ganja leaf. I decided to choose rasta colors, so for the design I used green and red special polish from KONAD.
First I applied all the green leaves, one on each nail, only my tumbs has two of the green ones. Then I applied one red leaf on each nail. It's super easy and quickly done.
My last step was applying KONAD special top coat to secure the design and VIOLA we're done :-)


  1. So pretty, but drawing those leaves does not look easy!

  2. Stephanie, they were made by using stamping nail art design. I used Bundle monster image plate.

  3. Girl, this design is hot like fire!

  4. Haha this is great, I probably couldn't wear this one to work ;)

    I just started a polish blog too - would love if you checked it out.


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