Saturday, March 31, 2012

Misslyn LEGUAN nail polish

Hi all! Today I have this beauty to show to you. I bought this one in Muller in Graz (I never seen this brand nail polishes in Slovenia). I was just browsing trough nail polish and this one immediatelly cought my eye. I wonder why :-) It's a mix between my two all time favorite nail polish colors- blue and green!
Well, it has duochrome finish, super easy to apply, but for my taste it's just  a bit to sheer. Here you can see three coats.Now I'll let pictures to do the talking :-)

Gorgeous right?!?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essence: Review- Studio nails Nail fashion stickers

Hi all! Welcome back! Today I have this stickers to show to you. They are from Studion nails line from Essence, better known by Better than gel nails (I also have a review here). First of all, my nails are way to long to be wearing this stickers, so no visual image today, sorry.
I have two different styles, but they came out with four different designs.
First are called "cult object from capetown"- leopard design: new transparent stickers give your nails an instant, ultra-glossy finish. for polished and unpolished nails. I will try this ones as soon as I shorten my nails and I'll try them on polishes nails.
Second I have are called "berlin's most wanted"- graphic design. Also interesting design that I'll try too.
Another two are visible on Essence home page and they are "sold out in ny" and "saw it first in rio". Which are your favorite?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Essence: Review- NEW Color 3 nail polish

  I'm sure you have all heared or read about this new style nail polishes from Essence. Today I have two different ones for you. First, my favorite of all of them, is this duo- MIDNIGHT DATE as a base color- dark blue color with light blue shine in it and second CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS. I love this one. Is ment for layering, because on it's own is quite sheer, but over Midnight date, OMG!, gorgeous!!!
 Here is second duo I have- base color is TICKET TO THE SHOW- black base with purple, gold and green shimmer inside, second is FRONT ROW OR BACKSTAGE? Again, ment for layering, because it's almost sheer base with tons of gold micro glitters.
 Her you can see, first TICKET TO THE SHOW, on right is FRONT ROW OR BACKSTAGE? and in the middle is how they look together, obviously second over the first one.
 Again, the same thing, on the left MIDNIGHT DATE, on the right CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS and in the middle, one over another.
Here is manicure using first COLOR 3 duo- the blue one and I used both polishes, layering each other. 
They are very easy to use. I like the brushes, the bottle is not unconfortable to hold. 
I waited between to layers, for the first one to completly dry and than I used the second one. And the result is amazing! What do you think?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Essence: Review- NEW nail art magnetic polishes

 As I promised this post, I'm presenting today three new magnetic polishes from Essence. First of all, if you have tried old ones and you weren't totally setisfied with them, let me tell you that new ones work amazing!!! They are way better then old formula, results are really amazing!
 They came out with three different colors- blue, orange red and gold green. I don't have favorite one, bacause they are all truly beautifull. With darker color- blue, you get more visible color contrast, but also stripes in green and red are visible a lot!
 First one I tried LOVE POTION! Orangy red almost copper color with bright stripes. Gorgeous! I used Alessandro magnet, because I was going for diagonal striped design. I also have Essence magnet, but unfortunately I haven't tried it out yet, so I can't give you my opinion. Up is on direct sunligt, down is on natural daylight.
 As you know, with magnetic nail polish you have to do one nail at a time, otherwise, nail polish will dry and magnet would not do proper design, because all the magnetic parts in polish will be dry. So, this manicure takes a bit more time, but it's totally worth it, because of the amazing result! I definitely recommend new magnetic polishes!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Essence Studio nails FIXING SYSTEM

Welcome back!
Today I have, as promised, review about studio nails FIXING SYSTEM for you!
First, you must remove all products from your nails. I took 100% acetone to remove nail polish and all natural oils from my nails. Here are my bare nails. I also filled surface of my nails and pushed back my cuticles.

Than I applied STEP 1- nail-strengthening undercoat with visible nylon fibres to leave a strengthening, nylon net on your nails. Nylon fibres are very visible, but don't worry, nails poish will cover them copletly. This step protects nails while they grow and it's for healthy nail growth.
After step 1 is completely dry, than I applied STEP 2- protective sealing polish over the nylon fibre polish from step 1 to give my nails a natural finish. The polish can also be used on its own, without the strengthening polish in step 1.
And here is final result, after both steps. Some nylon fibers are still visible trough, but don't worry, nails polish has covered them. My nails are harder after using this system (they are hard naturaly, but I have a filing they are a bit more harder). I will be using this two steps insted of my base coat for a month and i'll let you know if I'll have any breaks or splits.... Hope not!
I give this system 5 out of 5 and I definitely recommend it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BIG Essence haul- incoming products!

As you can see I did a bit of shopping again and I got myself "a few" treats from Essence. Most of them I bought, some of them I recieved for rewieving purposes. But this post is only for intruducing some of the new incoming products, reviews will be posted during this week or so.
First let's start with the most excited items- new magnetic polishes!!!! Essence came out with three new colors, that are truly amazing! First LOVE POTION! is gorgeous rusty red color, next to it is WISH LIST SECRETS!, gold color with green undertone and last is SPELL BOUND!, gorgeous deep blue color. Resoults you'll see next time!
Next is new color from Colour&shine line of eyeshadows, called DIVAS LOVE DRAMA, purple and black marlbled color.
Here are tinted moisturizer from MY SKIN line, next to it is lipgloss from MARBLE MANIA limited collection, in the middle you can see studio nails CARING NAIL OIL (love it!) for cuticles! and last item here is also from MY SKIN line cooling eye roll- on - cucumber.
Here is set of three mini lipglosses BIG APPLE STYLE and liquid foundation MAKEUP- TO MATCH in shade light.
These two products are for strengthening nails. step 1 and step 2 STUDION NAILS FIXING SYSTEM- review will be coming shortly!
Here are all three mono eyeshadows from MARBLE MANIA limited collection.
I also got two COLOR IN 3 nail polishes, each having two different polishes.
I also have two different nails stickers to try  from STUDIO NAILS line, which unfortunately are to short for my nails right now, but they will come in handy when I'll shorten my nails. 
Last but not least, I also got three new mono eyeshadows, all with shimmer finish. 
And which is your favorite product?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Catrice NEW Browno Mars

Yeah, you got it- another Catrice's new polish, called Browno Mars. Shiny, bronzy color, very nice looking! Again, love the formula, it has good coveredge, here you can see two coats.
Again (I soud like a broken record :-) ), love this brush! If you have tried it, you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't don't know what you're waiting for! Go out and buy some of the new colors!
Totally rocking this color, what do you think about it?
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