Sunday, March 11, 2012

BIG Essence haul- incoming products!

As you can see I did a bit of shopping again and I got myself "a few" treats from Essence. Most of them I bought, some of them I recieved for rewieving purposes. But this post is only for intruducing some of the new incoming products, reviews will be posted during this week or so.
First let's start with the most excited items- new magnetic polishes!!!! Essence came out with three new colors, that are truly amazing! First LOVE POTION! is gorgeous rusty red color, next to it is WISH LIST SECRETS!, gold color with green undertone and last is SPELL BOUND!, gorgeous deep blue color. Resoults you'll see next time!
Next is new color from Colour&shine line of eyeshadows, called DIVAS LOVE DRAMA, purple and black marlbled color.
Here are tinted moisturizer from MY SKIN line, next to it is lipgloss from MARBLE MANIA limited collection, in the middle you can see studio nails CARING NAIL OIL (love it!) for cuticles! and last item here is also from MY SKIN line cooling eye roll- on - cucumber.
Here is set of three mini lipglosses BIG APPLE STYLE and liquid foundation MAKEUP- TO MATCH in shade light.
These two products are for strengthening nails. step 1 and step 2 STUDION NAILS FIXING SYSTEM- review will be coming shortly!
Here are all three mono eyeshadows from MARBLE MANIA limited collection.
I also got two COLOR IN 3 nail polishes, each having two different polishes.
I also have two different nails stickers to try  from STUDIO NAILS line, which unfortunately are to short for my nails right now, but they will come in handy when I'll shorten my nails. 
Last but not least, I also got three new mono eyeshadows, all with shimmer finish. 
And which is your favorite product?


  1. O, super haul! Komaj čakamo na podrobnosti in swatche :)

  2. super haul!! ^^ waiting for the studio nail fixing system review! i'm really interested in!


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