Thursday, March 22, 2012

Essence: Review- NEW Color 3 nail polish

  I'm sure you have all heared or read about this new style nail polishes from Essence. Today I have two different ones for you. First, my favorite of all of them, is this duo- MIDNIGHT DATE as a base color- dark blue color with light blue shine in it and second CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS. I love this one. Is ment for layering, because on it's own is quite sheer, but over Midnight date, OMG!, gorgeous!!!
 Here is second duo I have- base color is TICKET TO THE SHOW- black base with purple, gold and green shimmer inside, second is FRONT ROW OR BACKSTAGE? Again, ment for layering, because it's almost sheer base with tons of gold micro glitters.
 Her you can see, first TICKET TO THE SHOW, on right is FRONT ROW OR BACKSTAGE? and in the middle is how they look together, obviously second over the first one.
 Again, the same thing, on the left MIDNIGHT DATE, on the right CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS and in the middle, one over another.
Here is manicure using first COLOR 3 duo- the blue one and I used both polishes, layering each other. 
They are very easy to use. I like the brushes, the bottle is not unconfortable to hold. 
I waited between to layers, for the first one to completly dry and than I used the second one. And the result is amazing! What do you think?


  1. I loved the blue combo! Que blue-green flakes look astonishing!

    Thanks for the amazing review!

  2. ¡¡Qué bonitos! Sobre todo el azul. Es un combo precioso.


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