Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Essence: Review- NEW nail art magnetic polishes

 As I promised this post, I'm presenting today three new magnetic polishes from Essence. First of all, if you have tried old ones and you weren't totally setisfied with them, let me tell you that new ones work amazing!!! They are way better then old formula, results are really amazing!
 They came out with three different colors- blue, orange red and gold green. I don't have favorite one, bacause they are all truly beautifull. With darker color- blue, you get more visible color contrast, but also stripes in green and red are visible a lot!
 First one I tried LOVE POTION! Orangy red almost copper color with bright stripes. Gorgeous! I used Alessandro magnet, because I was going for diagonal striped design. I also have Essence magnet, but unfortunately I haven't tried it out yet, so I can't give you my opinion. Up is on direct sunligt, down is on natural daylight.
 As you know, with magnetic nail polish you have to do one nail at a time, otherwise, nail polish will dry and magnet would not do proper design, because all the magnetic parts in polish will be dry. So, this manicure takes a bit more time, but it's totally worth it, because of the amazing result! I definitely recommend new magnetic polishes!!!


  1. Ful so lepi, pejšnji so me razočaral. Bo teba nove sprobat =)

  2. Se strinjam, novi imajo mnogo boljšo formulo. Do zdaj sem vzela le modrega, a tudi preostala dva se bosta kmalu znašla v moji zbirki.

  3. Preciosos. Nada que enviarle a otras marcas mucho más caras. Me gusta mucho.


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