Saturday, March 31, 2012

Misslyn LEGUAN nail polish

Hi all! Today I have this beauty to show to you. I bought this one in Muller in Graz (I never seen this brand nail polishes in Slovenia). I was just browsing trough nail polish and this one immediatelly cought my eye. I wonder why :-) It's a mix between my two all time favorite nail polish colors- blue and green!
Well, it has duochrome finish, super easy to apply, but for my taste it's just  a bit to sheer. Here you can see three coats.Now I'll let pictures to do the talking :-)

Gorgeous right?!?!


  1. Ful je lep, drugače pa v Kranjskem Muellerju imamo celo Misslyn kolekcijo ;)

    1. A res al kaj? OMG! V Lj in Kp je še nisem videla, al pa si nisem dovolj podrobno pogledala :-) Mene je čist navdušila :-) Priporočaš še kaj od te znamke?


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