Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Essence: Review- Studio nails Nail fashion stickers

Hi all! Welcome back! Today I have this stickers to show to you. They are from Studion nails line from Essence, better known by Better than gel nails (I also have a review here). First of all, my nails are way to long to be wearing this stickers, so no visual image today, sorry.
I have two different styles, but they came out with four different designs.
First are called "cult object from capetown"- leopard design: new transparent stickers give your nails an instant, ultra-glossy finish. for polished and unpolished nails. I will try this ones as soon as I shorten my nails and I'll try them on polishes nails.
Second I have are called "berlin's most wanted"- graphic design. Also interesting design that I'll try too.
Another two are visible on Essence home page and they are "sold out in ny" and "saw it first in rio". Which are your favorite?


  1. Me gusta mucho el segundo. Me apetece probarlos.

  2. Me gustan mucho estos stickers pero dudo si sabré ponérmelos, es difícil?

  3. Good collection of nail stickers...design are pretty !
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