Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Bourjois mascaras- VOLUME GLAMOUR MAX and MASCARA ELASTIC

This post is to present to you this two mascaras, which came in a set, in detail. First, here are my natural eyelashes, without anything on my eyes....

 First, let's talk about VOLUME GLAMOUR MAX mascara. In the set was in color NOIR MAX, which is black color. It has regular brush (my favorite), with bristles. Mascara is shaped really nice, because it fits in hand perfectly. So as container and handle of the brush is great to hold. You have full control over application.
 The brush is quite large, maybe too big for the lower lashes, but perfect for my taste, for upper lashes. This kind of brush is my favorite, because it covers lashes from roots to the tips..
 Here you can see two coats of mascara and before applying I just used curler, no primer. It gives maximum volume and length.

 It separates lashes and they don't look spiky.

 I removed it with regular makeup remover and it comes off within three to four strokes with cotton pad. I give this one 5 out of 5!!!
Here is the next mascara that was in the set- MASCARA ELASTIC in BLACK UNLIMITED  color. This one has a wierd handle of the brush that just don't fit into my hand. It's hard t control application, because you don't have a good grip od the handle. Container is standard shape and ok. 
The brush is this plastic kind, which I don't like at all. Because clumps of mascara stays on and when you apply it, it makes a big mess, because it's just too much product on the brush. I tried to wipped it a bit, but it was not a lot better. 

 Here are two coats, with no primer, just curled. And as you see it doesn't give any volume, just extreme length, as it says on the box. Maybe it would be great for some, but I look volume and lenght in mascaras.

 The bottom lashes are ok, with just light hand one coat, but when I tried to cover all my upper lashes, it made a big mess on my lid and I had to wiped it off. It is a bit harder to remove, because a whole lot of product is needed to be put on and also to remove later.
 Here you can see, lenght is really maximized, but no volume. I give this one 2 out of 5, because of the brush, no volume and oddly shaped handle.
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  1. Awesome,the first one is amazing. I adore Bourjois!

  2. Amazing mascara post and blog ! I subbed :) Check out my blog, I have some swatches and reviews too :) xoxo


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