Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nail polish haulin'- Essence, Manhattan, NfuOH, Opi, Orly

I did a bit of shopping and this polishes I added to my collection. First, let's start with Nfu.OH most wanted and desired :-) #51. All nail polish adicts must know this one and I had to have it also :-) This one has all the colors of the rainbow (well, almost:-) ) flakes in them. It has a purple- blue base color and in them you can find green, yellow, red and orange flakes. I don't have to tell you that it has a flake finish, right :-) ?
Direct sunlight:

 Natural daylight:

 I thought this would be perfect base color for the Nfu.OH 51 and it's from Manhattan Limited edition LOTUS EFFECT #13. Deep blue, almost royal blue color that I just fell in love with.

 Next one from the same edition (also Manhattan) is #16 and it's greyih dusty color with cream finish. I love the formula of these two and the brush, that is perfect for three strokes application and it doesn't leave any marks. I just hate gorgeous polishes that have a such a bad brush that totally ruin the polish. 
 Next one is from Orly COFFIE BREAK. And it really reminds me of coffie with added milk, grey natural color. Also with cream finish.

 This one is from Essence Multi dimension XXXL shine MAKES ME WEEK. Very natural peachy nude color with a cream finish, more appropriate for school/job... and great base color for KONADing for example!
Natural daylight: 
  1. ORLY Coffie break
  2. ESSENCE Makes me week
  3. MANHATTAN #16

Direct sunlight:

And here is one from my wish list that I wanted since I got Black shatter, this one is RED SHATTER ofcourse :-) Can't wait to try this one!!!!

 Wich one is your favorite of the bunch?


  1. Uuu, Red Shatter! Komaj čakam kakšno udarno kombinacijo z njim :)

  2. Very nice! :) I have Nfu Oh 51 as well! Lovely polish, but like 52 more :)
    Red Shatter is on my wishlist as well :)

  3. Sami lepi! Modri Manhattan, Essence Makes me weak in Orly Coffie Break grejo na mojo WL :D

  4. I'm happy, girls, that you like my new polishes :-) If you haven't already, check out my mini giveaway!


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