Monday, July 11, 2011

New Manhattan and new Nfu.OH combined

Because I love the Nfu.OH #51 polish so much, ofcourse my next mani is using that polish. And as I said, i bought perfect base color for flakies polish- Manhattan # 13. It has a cream finish and it's royal blue color.
Application is super easy, the brush is also good quality. I applied two coats, just to acchieve bold reach color.
And over I applied Nfu.OH #51. The base is bluish purple color, but on it's own does not give full coveredge.  I tried to capture all the colors of flakies, so that's why so many pictures :-)

Oh, I just loveeeee it!!!!


  1. i just love royal blue color on your hands... pretty

  2. your nails look like my nails:D amazing color!


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