Friday, February 12, 2010

China glaze- Metallic muse

I recently bought a couple of new nail polishes from China glaze and this I absolutley LOVE! As you see I drasticly shorten my nails, so for a while I won't be doing any dramatic nail designs...I'll just wear simple nail polishes...

This one is from KHROME collection, besides Millennium, Sci-fi, Robotica, 2030 and Hi-tek polishes.
It is a blue- green with metal finish polish. It glides on smoothly, I applied it with three strokes. Maybe for inexperienced hand it takes a while to achieve perfect application, but with a  little practice you can do it!
I really like the color, it so different from anything else I have, so I just adore it! It gives kind of metal look to your nails...
It's easy to remove, just with regual nail polish remover (not 100% aceton as for glitter polishes)
I like it, do you?
Till next time, ciao!


  1. I love this color on your nails. It looks great.
    I have this nail polish too, but I didn't wear it yet. Maybe I will try... :D

    BTW - you nails are still long and beautiful.

  2. waw this color is really amazing! but o dont know about the drastic shortning ;)they are still very long but gorgeous at the same time =)

  3. Your nails look great.

    This nail polish is still on my wish list...

  4. Thank you all! Yes, the color is really amazing, I love the entire KHROME collection! I only have two, but would like to have them all.

  5. You know that the Khrome collection is perfect for konad stamping? ;)

  6. Yeah, I know, just didn't try it yet!I will soon :-)

  7. I have 4 polishes from KHROME collection and all of them are great for konad. :)

  8. Great polish, perfect nails ( I like them more a little shorter) and incredible aplication!!


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