Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essence TE Cute as hell Naughty but nice

I finally recieved two of nail polishes from Cute as Hell Trend edition from Essence and I just had to try it out. So, I decided first to try out Naughty but nice- yellow polish.
I love the color, it's kind a creamy neon color, very different from any other yellow I have. It's almost like mixed with a little bit of white, so it looks like very gentile yellow color, awsome for the spring.
I'm very pleased with the color, but not so much with the application. I don't know what it is, is it the brush or the formula of the polish... It doesn't go on very smoothly, but it's kind of streaky application. I have two coats on and the second one gave me the resoult I wanted. With the fist coat, I couldn't get it even and the strokes of the brush were very visible. But anyways, I love the color, so it's wotrh the effort :-)


  1. it looks so good on your nails but somehow i think it wouldnt look so good on mine..
    which one is the second that you have? i cant wait to see it on your nails =)

  2. Why not? I think if you're brave enough, you can make anykind of nail polish work :-)
    I also have the bad girl (orange) I don't like pink color, so I didn't bought the pink one, and I have three purple polishes, so didn't need antoher one :-)


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