Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Essie Carousel coral

This is only my second ESSIE nail polish and I have to admit that I'm in love in it! I also have a CHINCHILLY and MATTE ABOUT YOU top coat.
This one is awsome peachy coral color! In the bottle looks more pink than coral and I thought I'm gonna hate it (I don't like pink at all!), but I gave it a chance and after the first stroke I changed my mind! I absolutly love it! I applied two coats to achive really opake color. It glades on smoothly, no strokes are showing. The brush is just the right size to achieve perfect application in three strokes. But as I said, I applied two coats.
This color is appropriate for everyday use, because it's not so loud and it's not a big statement color. It's appropriate for work, school or with some added details (rhinestones or Konad) also for some special occasion. 

I added my favorite top coat (yes, it's Seche Vite :-) ) and voila, I'm done!


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