Thursday, February 16, 2012

Retro nail art design

Hi all! Welcome back! Today I have very retro inspired manicure for all. I tired of dark, wintery colors, so I went for something little bit brighter and sunnier! As you see, I had a  bit more time for this one, so I went a bit more crazy.
I started off with two coats of Deborah Milano YELLOW FIZZ polish, which is pastel yellow color with cream finish (love it btw and if you are looking for great yellow, definitely recommend it!)
Than I took  my dotting tool with two diferent sizes of dots. I placed a bit of P2 CINNAMON ROSE on piece of plastic and started doting in the midle of my nails. I connected dots with lines and did the same thing on the sides with ESSENCE A HINT OF MINT (don't know why it's showing blue, it's not. it's GREEN). I waited for first layer of dots completly to dry and then I went with a smaller side of dotter and placed the opposite color in the middle od the big dots.
Waited to dry and placed 1 coat of Seche Vite over it and VIOLA my manicure is done! Like it?


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