Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEW Catrice King of greens

I have anouther gorgeous polish for you today, ofcourse, from Catrice's new line of polishes, called King of greens. No hard math, it's green :-) 
But it's so much more than just plain green color. This one has a bright green shine in in and it just glows on your nails! It kind of has shimmer finish. It has good coveredge, but I applied two coats, as you see on pictures.
As I said before, I love the new brush they came up with, because it's perfect for three strokes application and it's just slightly curved, so you can get very close to cuticles, without making a big mess all over your skin.
Like it?


  1. its grand! i'd buy it because they are cheap but i think the new red one they have it's far more eye catching.


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