Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catrice NEW Heavy Metallilac

As I promised, I'm showing this polish from Catrice's new line first. Well, I had it wrong. It's not duochrome, it just have slightly orange undertone. Never the less, it's gorgeous!
And very opaque too! This is just one coat you see on this pictures. I can't remember the last polish I wore that was so bold in one coating. Well, this one definitely is! 

I also love the brush. New shape is very good for apllying polish around cuticle area, because is slightly rounded, so you get nice curve around bottom of your nails. So, the shape is not so boxy as it is with strait cut brush.
If you are looking for interesting shade of purple, I definitely recommend this one!


  1. ¡Ohhhhhhhhhh! Sin palabras. Me encanta este color con ese tono metálico...

  2. thats amazing! i actually hated the preview that came out but it looks so much better on the nail. really want this now :P


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