Friday, October 28, 2011

Bundle monster #224 Halloween pumpkin

I started with Essence MAKES ME WEAK color as my base. It's very pretty peachy color, very appropriate for doing some design over it. First, I didn't had in my mind to do Halloween desig, but this color inspired me to do so. 
Here you can see this color on direct sunlight  and on natural daylight. It has cramy finish. My only complaint about this one is about the brush. Its very wide and not good quality, don't like it at all!
Than I choose this image plate from Bundle monster no. 224 and I went for halloween pumpkins design :-) I think it just so cute!!!
 I used black special polish from Essence for the design and I stamped it on top of my nails, so that I left tips blank. This way this design looks best, it looks like branches are coming out from my cuticles :-)
 I finished it with a coat of special topcoat from Konad and VOILA, the end resoult :-)



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  2. Gorgeous!

  3. I love the orange rage that affected us last monsoon and I am extending similar fashions in darker hues for winter as well.Which is a break from reds for a while.mineral foundation


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