Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Essence Vampire's Love Limited edition

I know I'm long overdue with this post, but because I love these products so much, I have to say a few words about them. I know you probably know this collection in and out, but here are my favorite products from this one.
I love and adore this palette, every single eyeshadow is something unique and beautyfull and you can create tons of different looks with only 6 eyeshadows. My favorite is in the top row, far left one. Dark dark gold, almost black with hint of gold is very appropriate for these days, when New Year's eve is coming and it looks amazing with some gold eyeliner and dramatic long lashes!
This collection came out with 5 different nail polishes. I have four of them, fifth is blue shade and I have way to much blue ones in my collection. These four are gorgeous polishes and also very unique in my collection. and you can see also very famous TRUE LOVE :-)
And this little bottle contains volume lash powder and small brush applicator. as you see on the plastic wrapper around, this are tiny bits of fibers, taht stick on top of first coat of mascara. and after use you have to apply another coat of mascara to achieve full volume of lashes. This is great to use, if you have mascara that only gives lenght, but no volume to your lashes.
And this are all products that are my favorite. I also have shimmer powder, but I used as a highliter, because it's just too sparkly to use it as a all over powder.
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