Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red manicure feat. new ESSENCE polish TIME FOR ROMANCE

Last time I went to DM drugstore I saw two gorgeous new polishes from Essence and this one is my favorite. They are both appropriate for layering, because their base is almost clear. So, for this one I used as my base color this red polish from Mode cosmetics, called ARSONIST. It's on the darkers shades od red with golden and red sparkles in it. I couldn't captured them on pictures, but it's very beautifull on it's own, too!
And this polish is what I'm talking about :-) It's called TIME FOR ROMANCE. On it's own it is nothing special, because of the clear base, but over red polish, it truly shines! 
 It has tons of silver and red sparkles and a lot of red hexagon glitters! Truly amazing for layering! I applied pretty thick coat of this one and finished it with Seche vite fast drying topcoat. I like it... a lot :-)


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