Friday, March 18, 2011

Purplish manicure

 I reshaped my nails today. And I thought, why not do some funky manicure today. So, I started with ORLY PURPLE VELVET- 2 coats. I love this polish. It has a matt finish and this really nice shade of purple. Not bright purple, just the way I like it :-)

 Than I scotch taped little less than half of nail surface and on the rest of the nails I applied one thick coat of PURE ICE  CHEATIN. I like this glitter polish very much. It's clear polish with purple, pink and blue glitters.
 Than I again scotch taped my nails, this time little more than half, so I left untapped only my tips. And than I applied on layer of ESSENCE BLACK OUT (from BLACK&WHITE limited edition).

I didn't went over with Seche Vite, because I like how purple is matt, than glitters are shiny and the black has soft touch finish, that is not matt, not glossy, but somewhere in between. So I have three different textures and it' sooo funky looking. What do you think?

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