Sunday, March 27, 2011

COMPARISON feat. new ESSENCE polish OUT OF MY MIND & Choose me!

 I finally got my hands on new polishes from Essence and as first I'm presenting you most interesting color for me and that is OUT OF MY MIND (right on the picture)! This one is extra hard to take good and exact picture of the color. Here you can see blue, green and purple. So, I can say it has triochrome finish :-)
 I decided to do a comparison between these two polishes, because in the bottle they look almost the same, except glitters in Choose me! Well, the color of both is almost exactly the same, maybe Choose me has slightly more blue undertone to it and doesn't have purple in it. And they trow in there some green glitters.
 Here you can beautifully see the essence of this polish, beautifull duochrome with blue and green. I don't know what is on this two colors, but I am always drawn to them :-)
 So, the texture of new polish is very similar to the old one, the brushes are also the same and nice. They are both very afordable :-) What not to love about ESSENCE :-) ?

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  1. Really nice colour!
    I wrote about 'Choose me!' and other colours in my blog! If you want take a look!


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