Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Konad plad design

 Today I have funky french style manicure for you! Yesterday I wanted to do some "out there" manicure and this is what I came up with. First I applied two coats of Essence MOST WANTED (I have post about it, browse!) and one coat of Seche vite after that.
 Than I went trough my collection of image plates and I realized that I have never tried plad design before, so I used it for this one. It's image plate m60 with different kinds of all over designs. I used simple black special polish for stamping. And because my nails are tiny bit too long for all over design, I twisted it up a bit and I used....
Cloe's nails tehnique and used  a bit of scotch tape. I placed it on whole nail surface and left my tips out. And for the tips I used China glaze LIQUID LEATHER and did french tips. And this is the final resoult. I just finished it with one coat of Sevche vite and VIOLA!

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  1. It's pretty!! And unique! I need to buy this plate!


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