Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AFRODITA Moisturizing cream for daily care - OLIVE

Today I would like to present to you my favorite face cream from Slovenian cosmetics brand- AFRODITA. This brand is my local origin and that's very important for me. I try to use as much as possible my origin brands, but unfortunatley there are not a lot of them. But this one is the best!

This product is ment for daily use and it truly gives a lot of moisture, that lasts me trought the whole day. I place it under my foundation and it's great primer too! With this cream also comes cream for night time, but I'm not familiar with it yet. I hope I'll try it out sometimes!
The box says: Moisturising cream, rich in precious extract of olive leaves, moisturising complex and allantoin, it provides natural and refreshing all-day care. Its superb moisturising power improves skin firmness and elasticity and slows down premature signs of ageing. The inbuilt UVB filter provides extra protection against harmful external factors. Cream is a delightful, natural solution for fresh and youthful looking skin and a source of well being. 
The cointainer holds 50ml and it's also very afordable. It costs only 5,95€.  I also like the package it comes in, it's very natural olive green color with simple style of opening. The cointainer has a screw on cover that provents air from coming in. And that is for longer lasting product.
The cream it self has a very gentle odor/smell that is not overpowering at all. It's also very moisturizing and it absorbs very quickly. You don't have sticky fingers after using it. And the skin feels very fresh!
My overall rating of this product is 10 out of 10! Why? Afordable, very moisturizing, nice cointainer and the perfect looking skin after using it! Definitely recommend this one! Try it and let me know how you like it!

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