Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sinful colors GORGEOUS

Today I decided to try this one. I felt like having little sea on my nails and this one is perfect color of the sea!
It's from SINFUL COLORS and it's called GORGEOUS and that's exactly what it is! It's mix between green and blue color- turquoise color polish.
This is my first sinful brand polish and I like it a lot. The brush it a little bit more on the thinner side that I usually like, but it's workable. I applied two coats and I think it's enough. The brush doesn't leave any marks, the formula is not watery or bubbly. 
The color is absolutly beautifull, perfect for the summer! I definetly recommend this brand of nail polishes!


  1. It's pretty, great choice for summer nails! I'm wearing Love nails by Sinful Colors on my toes right now. It's mostly blue but has some green on it. I too wanted to see a sea on my toes LOL I'll post pics of it when I have a chance :)


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