Monday, January 30, 2012

RE-MIX Someone like you feat. new BM image plate no. 213

I started with two coats of Essence SOMEONE LIKE YOU polish from re-mix your style collection. Cream finish, deep  brown color. On pictures is a bit too light, because it's taken on direct sunlight (when there was sun still.... not like today, when I woke up in snowy morning... Never mind :-) ). Well, this color just screamed to me for some stamping design over it, because on it's own was just to plain for me....
I used Bundle monster image plate no. 213 (new line), this all over design, that are kind of abstract flowers, or some circles or something :-) How would you call it? For the design I) used China glaze HI-TEK, one of my favorite polish for stamping.
I finished it with Konad special top coat and here you can see final resoult. Like it?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catrice RUN FOREST RUN! - crocodile design

Hi! Thanks for tuning in again! Today I have gorgeous color to present to you! This polish from Catrice is unfortunatelly going out of asortiman, so I took last chance to buy it. It's called RUN FOREST RUN! and it's true deep forest green color.
It has cream finish and it's absolute gorgeous color. I applied two coats of it, to acchieve true bold color.
When it was completly dry, I went over with Depend crackle polish and without even realizing it, it came out as crocodile skin design :-) At least, it remined me on crocodile :-) First picture is taken on direct late day sunlight, so it's not 100% accurate color.

Well, I don't have crocodile at home, but these nails went great with my reptile- turtle Casper :-)

Here is picture under direct UV light, where is almost accurate color shade....
.... but this is the most real picture, that shows color combination pretty spot on!

 Like it, a LOT!

Paris memories nail art

Today I have this nail art for you. For base color I used very afordable nail polish from KIK store, called Paris memories in purple color- DEEP MAUVE. First picture is taken on direct sunlight, so is more bright than in real light, as you see on two botton pictures.
For design I used two polishes with thin brush from Essence- tip painter in GRAPE- METALLIC ROCKS and METALLIC CHAMPAGNE. And than I applied three purple rhinestones in corner of each nail.
Hope you like it!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Preview: China glaze ELECTROPOP collection spring 2012

This spring will be colorfull with China glaze polishes. This collection will brighten us with 12 new different lovely colors. My favorite is
it's a aqua blue green, first this one reminds me on For Audrey, will see swatches and comparison.
this one is light dusty blue creme
dusty medium blue creme, very gorgeous and quite unique color. again one of my favorites
this one reminds me of green grass sooo much! It's yellow toned green, with creme finish.
very brush, summery color yellow with shimmer finish. I've read critics about his oneabout it's finish. We'll see!
again, one of my favorites- orange toned red coral-y with creme finish. I think this one would look great as a base under some flakie polish. Any suggesstions?
bright pink, also with cream finish. You know pink is not my (wicked) style, but probably this is great pink :-)
dark fuchsia color, with creme finish.
first of all, love the name, kind of oxymoron :-) dusty purple with a very subtle blue/pink shimmer
I would say this color reminds me on baby pink, bubblegum-ish color, with creme finish.
Pastel lilac color polish, with creme finish.
Silver and holographic hex glitter mixed with small silver glitter in a clear base. Love it!

I found these swatches here, thank you!

I like some colors and I hope I'll get them, others are not for my taste, but overall, this collection is very nice!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preview: China glaze EYE CANDY 3D glitters collection

China glaze gives us amazing glitter collection for all the glitter lovers, like myself. This collection includes 6 different shades od chunky glitter colors. First and my favorite is
 looks amazing! Tons of blue, purple, silver with hints of green glitters in a bottle.
is newt one in line. Also gorgeous color, light green and mostly gold chunky glitters.
gorgeous red glitters with hints of silver ones mix within. Also, can't wait to try this one out!
for all of you who loves pink glitters!
also amazing color combination, dark silver almost black glitter with hexagonal green and blue chunky ones.
this one reminds me on snow, don't know why :-) Lovely silver with blue glitters- one of my favorite color combinations ever!

Can't wait to try this ones out and don't be scared to use and abuse them, we all know the trick to quickly remove glitters, right :-)?

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