Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catrice RUN FOREST RUN! - crocodile design

Hi! Thanks for tuning in again! Today I have gorgeous color to present to you! This polish from Catrice is unfortunatelly going out of asortiman, so I took last chance to buy it. It's called RUN FOREST RUN! and it's true deep forest green color.
It has cream finish and it's absolute gorgeous color. I applied two coats of it, to acchieve true bold color.
When it was completly dry, I went over with Depend crackle polish and without even realizing it, it came out as crocodile skin design :-) At least, it remined me on crocodile :-) First picture is taken on direct late day sunlight, so it's not 100% accurate color.

Well, I don't have crocodile at home, but these nails went great with my reptile- turtle Casper :-)

Here is picture under direct UV light, where is almost accurate color shade....
.... but this is the most real picture, that shows color combination pretty spot on!

 Like it, a LOT!

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