Friday, February 18, 2011

Comparison between SINFULCOLORS- Innocent and OPI- Who the Shrek are you?

 I have another interesting comparison for you and as you see from the title above, it's between OPI and SINFUL COLORS. OPI as the more expensive version of polish and SINFUL COLORS as much more afordable polish.
 First you can see Innocent from Sinful- this is my first time wearing it and I already like it a lot. Here you can see one coat and it's full on coveredge. The brush is good, easy to use and the formula is a bit on thicker side, but I like that, because of the full coveredge. The brush doesn't leave any marks behing, the polish is not bubbly or anything. ALL GOOD!!!!
 Here is OPI's Shrek, which I have used before. And this two are great to compare one to another. Well, here I applied two coats and I should go even with the third one. The brushes from OPI I don't like as much as for example China glaze's, because it's just to big for me to handle. I made a big mess around my nails. The formula is runny and watery and it went all around my nails as soon as I applied it. So, another mess :-(
 Here is the picture side by side on direct light (no, today is no sun) and the bottom picture is just on day light. As you see, both have cream finish and on first glance there is not a big difference between them. But I think Innocent has more yellow undertone than Shrek has more green on green color.

 I like Innocent much more and as far as application goes, Innocent wins for me big time! Easier to use, drys out more quick and only with one coat you get much more color payoff. So, I think Shrek will go up for swap :-)
And which one is you favorite?


  1. SinfulColors > O.P.I.
    Lovely colours, lovely prices :D

    Love your blog, congrants

  2. too much yellow and green for :) ....but it looks good on your nails:)

  3. I love 'Innocent'. Checkout the review on my blog:

  4. I noticed that opi last longer on me I've been trying other brands but never tend to last the same. :( opi is so far my fave but I have been looking for a backup I've be looking up for this green :) Chank you :D for best advice is sinful colors a permanent color. :)


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