Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty Line deluxe- no. 2

 I did some shopping yesterday and in KIK store I found this polish. It's from Beauty line Deluxe and it just has #2 on it. I already have some products from this brand and I like them all, especially one silver pigment for make up. It's super pigmented and very vibrant silver color. so, I decided to try some polishes, but unfortunatley they had only this one- in gold.
 It's has full coveredge, I applied only two coats. It's extra shiny, so I went over with Essie Matte over you, to toned it down just a bit. And I like the resould very much.
 The brush is great, so is the formula. I like the bottle and the price- only few € ( I believe it's 3€, but don't hold me on my word)!!!! How amazing is that ?!? Big thumbs up!

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