Friday, April 27, 2012

Essence BE OPTIMISTIC! and review: Studio nails Gel style nail stickers

This review I promised you a while ago and here it is! First I started with two coats of Colour&go nail polish BE OPTIMISTIC! Gorgeous bronzy- orange color with shine finish. 
 And than I decided to try this leopard print Studio nails stickers over it. I applied as instructed. First I chose the right size for all nails and then I placed them first near my cuticle and carefully placed them over my nail.
 If they were too long, I philed them off, to get sharp and crisp edge. So far so good!
 I admit, they look fantastic!!!! but here it all ends....

 After two hours wearing them (not doing much, becasuse it was sunday), this started to happen.... First only on one finger, enge was starting to came off.... I placed it back a couple of times...

 Than I even went over with clear top coat, to placed them back...
 ... but nothing I did, helped...
 They went completly off. And as instructions said, they are very easy to remove, they just pealled off! On their own! OMG, I was so frustrated, because I took me about half of hour to get them on, for two hour resolt!!!
Ladies, defenitely DON'T recommend buying or wearing them, because it's just too much work for couple of hours resolt :-( A BIG NO NO!!!!


  1. That is ridiculous! What a waste of your time and money.
    Be optimistic is so nice though so at least your nails still look fab :)

  2. that happen to me but it was bec of the topcoat,,, it really annoying when that happen but atleast you still got your base color gorgeous!

  3. This is bad, i use some essence nail stickers polish and happen the same for me, more than half an hour to put correctly and in less than a day all came off. I use some of Blanco (a fashion store in spain) and works better.

  4. Would you be mybe interested in a swap? I would love try them out!

  5. Thats really annoying because they look so good! Wont be trying them then!

    Great blog!

  6. I hate when pretty things don't last :(

  7. Your nails are nicely designed! You should enter them in my contest.!

  8. I got them from my mam and after few minutes they started to come off my sister bought them before me and she did it in a evening when she woke up the stickers were everywhere on her bed and on her but only 2 or 3 were left on her nails and they were supposed to be long lasting
    before i bought different stickers also from essence but they were for toe nails and they were not gel they were supposed to last up to 5 days and i had them for more than a month and i was going swimming and all and they would have lasted longer but the pattern started to come off but the sticker was completely stuck and i had to pull them off


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