Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bamboo design

For this design I first applied one coat of S-HE STYLEZONE 939, it a dark red- black color with some green and gold shimmer. I waited to dry and than I went over it with ESSENCE TE Glam rock- Metal babe, it's a holografic color as you see on the picture.
On my ring finger I did a diagonal french tip with ESSENCE pearl white and I used sponge tehnique.

For the design I used black special polish for doing KONADicures. I applied design from KONAD image plate m66 - for the ring fingers and for the rest of the nails I used CHEZ- DELANEY image plate H23.

Than I went over my designs with KONAD special top coat and we're done!

Check out the video on my youtube account! Hope you like it!

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