Friday, April 8, 2011

Essence LE BLOSSOMS ETC. - A hint of mint and KONAD

 Yey, another awsome spring color from Essence and this one is from their latest limited edition BLOSSOMS ETC- A hint of mint. I wonder if this one is similar to Essie Mint candy apple. Would anyone do a comparison for me :-) ?
 Well, this one is very light mint green color with hints of light green shine in it. I tried to capture it on my nails, but it's only visible in the bottle. Well, it's qiute opaque, I applied only one coat. It has a cream finish and I loooove it :-)
 But because it was just to plane for me, I decided to do some konad over it. I chosed KONAD image plate m65 and I used ZOYA- ENVY for the design. But because my nails are too long for all over design, I went with scotch taped french tips, also with the same ZOYA.
 And this is the final look. You like it? I DO!!! :-)


  1. ooo this color is amazing... i'm sad since this LE is not sell in Italy :(

  2. I love the colour itself but the final look is awesome!

  3. Primerjave ti ne morem narest, ker tegale Essence lakca nimam, ti pa lahko pokažem eno svojo fotko od Mint Candy Apple:
    Men se ne zdi podoben, je bolj pastelen pa moder ton ma :)


  4. AMAZING!!

    adore your blog, I'm following!

    would love you to enter my CHANEL giveaway:


  5. This is so good! How do you get your designs so exact? They are amazing! :)



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