Friday, January 7, 2011

P2 Crackling topcoat - SILVER BLAST

 Today I have very funky looking manicure for you. As you see it has a crackling effect, which is very popular at the moment and I can see why. I got two P2 crackling polishes and I decided to try silver one first.
 As my base color I choose WHITE HYPE from Black&White limited collection from Essence, which I was presenting in my prevous post. I have to tell you this is one of the best white polishes I have ever tried and believe me, I tried a lot of white polishes, because I was looking for one that is really white, without applying 3 or 4 coats. Here I applied only two coats of white and you can see it is full on white! Next thing is that this on thicker side of polishes, maybe it would be even good for Konading...
Newt I used my new crackling nail polish from P2, in silver. It super easy to apply, application doesn't even have to perfect, because when it's dry you won't see any mistakes. It super fast drying, this manucire was dry in about 3 to 4 minutes. I didn't used any topcoat, because I think this way it just looks better.


  1. I think it's AWESOME! I wish essence would sell the cool stuff in the US! (thank goodness for swaps!)


  2. ful lepo =) pa zanima me kje si kupla p2 lak =$ sm obupala nad iskanjm črnega od o.p.i

  3. Oooh~ I want the white Essence, you should try the holographic top coat, I wanna see how that looks >o<

  4. Super kombinacija. Se strinjam, manikure s crackle lakom izgledajo boljše brez nadlaka. Tale srebrn p2 je čudovit. :)


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